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Saturday, 23 April 2011

this is my feet . okey . bye -.-

Friday, 22 April 2011

school holiday .. best ?

heheh , heyyo !
school holiday nih agak boring lah jugakk . but some days were awesome *sebab dpt shopping . tehee
semalam ade guest from adelaide , they're staying at my house till saturday .. which is tomorrrow lahh ?! alaaa cepatnyerrrr -.- alaahhai , ade nenek nih ade sikit mcm muka wan ngan paklang kiter .. hmphh rinduuu ! 
well , today we went to belgrave tgk puffing billy . but tak naik pon sebb mahal gilaakk =.=
pastu gi lysterfield looking  for kangaroos  ;)
then we went to cardinia park *hahah terigat roti cardinia kt malaysia . wait cardinia ? or gardenia eh ? oh well . lupakann . hee ;p
(this is when we're at the puffing billy station)

ouh and by the wayy , ITS AUTUMNNN ! dh lama dah pon . skang baru nk inform . hehe 
 i was bored waiting for the little'o kiddos playing on the playground so i walked and snapped some photos :P

hehe ;p

errr , gtg makan nasi lomakkk ! wahahah ;DD buhbyeee 

Friday, 15 April 2011

what a relief ! (:

hellloo ! *sengihhhhh* hee
k , see the titleee ? yeahh .
its a relief for me because , i dont have to worry about kawan2 aq anymore . lantak kau lah nk terjon menara eureka tuh ker nak pegi cowboy atas ular ker . *mula merepak dahh -,-*
heee ~ just kidding laah songalss ;p tehee
ada ker patotttt ! 

omigoddd , moodd mcm gilaaaaaaaaaaaa !

bukan aperr .. terguriss hatii aq doo . tehee ;p *gedik sebentar* errr . muntah biruuuu *
takderlaaaa , what would you do if u're there when your friends need you . theen when we need them .. they're no there for us . 

haihhhh , whateber laaa .

 (its a gif picture , click if nothing happen)

\saya tak kesaaah , dan sedemikian akan menari mcm ini . hahaha betol ke ayat aq ni? lol abaikan ;p
*anywayss takderlaaaa . giloo apo :DD

okey laah , nak pegi siapkan ape nk pkai esok. ader jamuan makann ! haha
ehh , kena pkai baju kurung laa ! wee ! dah lamaaa kot tak pkai bju kurungg :P tehee ~

*stilllllll sedih lgi laahh . 

awak oh awak . mana menghilanggggggggggggggg ! :(
takper aaa . biar sye menderitaaaa ! *bhaahhahah bnyk ah ko adleena!*

aq sesorang jerrr esok ! hahah sadisss ;p
akak2 dh balik malaysia :(

 okokokokok enoughh blabbering custard ! 
*haa merepek lgii* -,- gilee ko leena :PP


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

a good day turns out to be a disasterrrrr :'(

heyyy ..
today was not bad at school . i went to the library .. trying to find a table . geee so much people todayyy -.-
thennnnn omfg . something spills on my friend's book . o-em-geeee ! im deadddd ><
then after trying to get the stuff off the book . there's a free tablee so i went and turned on my laptop and went on facebook . theennnnnnnn .. after replying inboxes .. this one inbox made me cry like *** >< 

my sis : errrrr , yonggg ! why are you cryingg ?
me : huh ? am i ? heh noo . im just doing my math homework ><
my sis : ergh . finddd wateve :P
me : eheh.

huhuh ! 
watta dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! suicide nowww ! JOKESSS ! hee

and plus this person on my right  is like hugging with his girlfriend while doing his homework . wtf ?!
and this women on my left keeps looking wat i was doing . geeeee ! fudge offf ! ><

dont have the mood to write stuffff anymore . hmmmmmph 

BYE ;'(