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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Back To Malaysia ? haaa

hahai peeps :)
how are yous today ? itsokay . i know you miss mee.... hahah jokesjokes :P
straight to the point jer laa , cause i cant be bother making up sentences . heheh malas :)
I'm supposed to be at  the airport now and ready to get on the plane to go back to malaysia . 
but but but .. 
POSTPONEEEE! cause i want to finish year 8 here which is tingkatan 2 in malaysia .
im actually happy and sad at the same time -.-
HAPPYY cause i get to spent more time with my bestfriends , school , and the country till next february :)
and SADDD because i cant celebrate eid with my grandmas , cousins , uncles , aunties , domo  and everyone that i know . dayyumm i miss you guysss :(

i'm confuse and don't know what to feel -..- *if you get what i mean 
sad or happy . or both a the same time ... 
if you guys were me . will you be happy ? or sad ? or both ? hahah :)

p/s who wants to come here and celebrate raya with me ! haa angkat tangann ! nk belikan ticket submarine esok.  hehe 

till next time ~
bye peeps :) 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Iftar :)

hahai ;)
tak rasa mcm sebulan pon puasa tgk2 dh nk ghayeee . wehee , seminggu lebih je lagii ;)
dh shopping ? ngehehe . baju ghayee leena ucu leena dh postkann , baju kiter colour biruuu . baju awak ?
hahah ehh lari topikk ;p 
okeyy , semalam ada iftar kt rumah leena . bestbest .the last iftar at our house this ramadhan sebab next year dh takderr kt sini dah ;( damn sedih.. *dahdah , abaikann . 

im tired and im running out of words to sayy , so i'll let the picture do the talking.

ngehee . pictures from last night ;
Ibu2 :)
they were waiting for me to give out bunga api besi yg you suppose to put on a cake . but then akak nih lupa
nak beliii . instead the boys played tigi . and the girlss ..... telling ghost stories to each other. hahah

ayah2 :)
nuwaniii . shess saa cutee . hehe bgi duit raya lebih kt akk eh ;) jokesjokes
nii angah , same age but different grade . she's aweesome and sama kepala ngan leena. hahahah

heheh , okey dokley :)

goodnight peeps 

Monday, 1 August 2011

Selamat Berpuasa !

hahai :)
sorry for not updating for a longg time . eheh . 
tup tap tup tap dh puasaaa . yeyyy! erggh nk pegi bazar ramadhann -.-
if only they have one hereee. 

gtg prepare untuk bukak puasa . 52 mins leftt . i think . mwhehehe maghrib pukul 5.32pm. ghehee *angkat2 kening* heheeeeeee. 

assalamualaikummmm (;