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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Trout fishing

i've got trout fish.
Atlantic salmon fishing

Ameera got Trout fish help by kak Farhana.:)

Salmon Fish that cost AUD $100

I didn't got any Salmon

House for Sale

Sadly,our house is on sale.It was very shocking when we just came back from buying household and we saw this board infront of our house.We are going to move house maybe on January next year, and it was very sad to leave this house. :(

Monday, 13 April 2009

Madagascar 2 at Dandenong Plaza

Skipper,Kowalski, Alex the lion and Martin.

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Garden,Dandenong Ranges

ciyap dah pandai peace... :D
mama and ashraf

Ashraf and friends :)

Emerald Lake,Dandenong

Paddle Boat.....

Picnic beside the Emerald Lake.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Birds at Dandenong Ranges

My Family and I picnic at Dandenong Ranges

Buat cookies....

makan panas2..besttttttttt

just masak

before masak

Our Family Games

this is an interactive games, we can play tenis, bowling, besball etc....very interesting games

ashraf and busyuknyer lagiiiiiiiiiii................

Ustazah Ashraffff..hee..heee

Tenis lesson for 1st Term 2009 is over

New lesson will be cont. on 20th April

Playground at Menzies Street

School holiday has just started...our first activity...play at playground nearby our house....at menzies street...about 10 minutes walks from our house

Dandenong North Primary School Sports Day


waiting for the race..

came fourth in all sorts of sports....

after the race...