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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm Back!

Assalamualaikum everyone! oh boy, my last post was on october 2013 and now its november 2014.
look like someone's busy :p ahaha. *just kidding*
my blogging mood was on a holiday for a very long time you see. Well not really a ''holiday" though. 
This year is my last year as a school student. Soooo, theres a lot of preparation that has to be made for me to face the bix exam which is the SPM examination.

Oh well, time is passing by really fast. My last paper is on the 27th of November which is 2 days from now, aduhmak so quick tht sometimes i dont want school to end. but at the same time i do. hahaha

Oh and by the way, on my long break after i'm done with my last paper i'm trying  to do a bit of  business with my classmate.

I'm going to update you guys about the business i'm doing in the next post. Dont worry, everythig i'm selling i'll make sure that it is at the lowest price so that everyone can afford to buy.

Till then, stay tune guyssss! xxx  ^.^v