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Monday, 6 June 2011

Yam's Birthday (:

i was suppose to post this ages agoo too -.- but then didnt hve the time to do so .. hee
so wht we actually did on her birthday was blowing balloons , do crazy stuff , nd ate different kind of yummeh curreh ! tehee

haahhh , nd thts it . my keyboard is being a pain in the ass -.-
aaaaaaaaaaaaa keepsa cominga upa -.- fkakakaa

okaeeeeeeeeeey ? wtf . hahah

toddless dudes n dudettes (;

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Angie's Birthday (:

heyyo ~
its been a whilee isnce i last update my blog .. alololooo ~ poor blogg .
hehe i was suppose to post this ages ago . but didnt have the time ~ this was at angie's birthday party.. we went to  watch pirate of the carribean and the strangers tides or something like that .. forgot the title ;p

left : the birthday girl :) right : random chick , jksjks ilybruu . thats my bestfriend (:
(mel) jack sparrowwwwwwww (;
and yess .. this was 2/3 weeks agooo -.- huu soryy peeps 
hehe theres more pics . cant be stuff uploading em' hehe 
i'll update more laterr (:

thanks dudes and dudettes whos been visiting my blog^^
toodleees ~