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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Term school holiday part I ----> Canberra

hahai :)
tgh ada idea nk update blog nihh . hihi 
 quickk before i forgot -.-

i was supposed to update about this ages agoo . hee . oh welll . 
me and my family actually went to canberra just to renew my mum's passport . dh expired -.-
alang2 dh smpai sana . aper lagiii . jalan2 lahh :) 

hehe . thts all yg sempat di upload -.-
got to go by some red ribbons for tomorrow .
house athletics is tomorrowww! go calisstemonss ;D

byebye :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saya nak t-shirt Domokun! ^^

hahai :)
harini tgh2 ber-blogwalking , leena ada baca satu contest nih dekat Cik Puple punya blogg ouh and dialah penganjur for this contest ^^
pastu rasa mcm nk try join pulak . hihi

clickk siniii kalau nk join --> Cik Puple  :)

okeyy , now .
Kenapa Leena nak t-shirt domokun ni ?

okeey , leena nk t-shirt domokun nih sebab leena minattt sssgt dkt domokun nih! mwahahah . dah lama sebenarnya leena ngidam nk t-shirt domo nih . nak belii tapi jarang jual kt kedai . leena now kt melbourne sbb tuh jarang nk jumpa t-shirt domo nih. dorang sendiri pon tak tau apa domo nih -.- so far dah 4 tahon dh kt sini..  
by the way , this is the first contest i've ever joined in , btolll . hee :)

dan itulahh sebabnyee leena nk t-shirt domokun nih :) tehee

oh and leena nk tag : NasimaIzni , KakKira &  azreen :)


#Dahh , doneee ^^ hihi