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Friday, 30 December 2011

The Last Day of School ^^''

Hey peeps! nakbalikmalaysiadahwei.
this post was supposed to be published ages ago. but then i forgot ^^' heheh
anywaysss , we've just finish school 2 weeks agooo~  :P
and its my last year for me of going to dandy high :( 
sebab nak balik Malaysiaaaa dh. 
lemme translate that just incase if some people cant understand what i'm sayinnn'  .. cause i'm going back to my loveleh countryyy, Malaysia . how awhsome is thaaaaaat  :p
i dont want to go back actually cause i have to leave all of my lovely friends that i've made for the past 4 years and the teachers  :') and at the same time.. i want to go back just because i miss my family's relatives and the foods and of course my awesome tall penguin :')

at the end of period 4 on the last day of school.
i hugged miss taylor and she told me to pursue my dreams and that i'll be just fine back there in malaysia. hehe thanks miss :))
p/s the teachers here are waaaaaay nicer compare to the teachers in malaysia .. t.t


thanks to all the people that signed my shirt :)

8 Callistemon 2011' :)

 melly , the retarded one. jokes ily  ;)

 she's with me since 2008 when we were in grade 5 :') hee thanks melly babe 

 greeeshyy and taylooo  ♥ 

Us Besties for liifeeee xox :*