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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Woot woot! Updateeeee ^^

Hey everyone! Assalamualaikum ;)
so i know its been a while~ *sighhh* been too busy and too tired to have time to upload my blog. Sorry about that ~.~ 
btw this is just a quick update.
Theres still 3 more subjects left for my final exam. and theeen i can get back to what i'm up to on the holidays hopefully :)
Soooo, i've just started to open up a business selling different kinds of women's scarves. i'm in the middle of making a new blog just for business purpose. It all started one day when my mum suggested me to open a blog shop but i couldnt be bother at that time. But nowww~ heheh i'm all up for it bebeh ;D oh and we named our so-called-blogshop ''Aiman's Closet'' since my siblings and i have 'aiman' in our names. lulzzz :3 anywayssssss,  
these are some of the samples of  'Gliterrious Nina Shawls' that i'm selling and theres still more to come including halfmoons and square scarfs / tudung bawal ;)

 btw, these ones is not that glitterry compared to the one before and its also comfortable to wear :)
its only RM 25 excluded postage.
Any enquiries whatsapp +060133460372 :)
thats all for now, see you guys laterrrz! xx ;)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Since my laptop's being such a douchebag, I can't be bother updating my blog anymore.. eheheh. I'll try to get it fix as soon as possible and I'll be back updating my blog with my daily activities ;) 

This photo was taken on my school's sports day a couple of days ago.
And yes i'm the one on the left. And yes i'm getting fatter :P so waaaat. Heheh