''every moment , every day , step in a few beats im not ashamed to say that i love you ~ i la la la love youu '' -Maribelle Anes

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Rising up!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

hmmm :|

i know crying won't solve anything . but i still cry , cause it makes me feel better somehow for letting those bullshits come out of my soul . #factAboutMe ;P

Monday, 28 March 2011


hello ! its been a while since the last time ive posted somethin ;P

anywaysss , school is good i guesssssssss .. --____-- err NO . 

no . mood . to . write . stuff . todayyy . hmmm

p.s thankyou for those who spoiled my mood todayyyy . 

i think i should end this post with a picture of .........an orangutan . haha just kidding

toodlees :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

h a y f e v e r .

hay fever . kaeee . dont want to talk much in this post . hee
byee ;(

mmm , pleasee pleasee pleaseee go awayy oh hayfever :(
my nose is killing meeeeee :(

hohoh , till thenn . ouh ouhh !
p.s   every second , every minute , every hour im missing youuuu awk ! 


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

hmphhhhhhhhhh -.-

heyy peepss,
today's topic is about my bestest friend lah kott .. we're like sisters ! but then everything has changed , she moved. 3,600 km away from me .. *not sure if thats the right measurements* oh well ... what can i do .
you got a new life thereeee .. no time to chattt chatt like we usually did .. :"(
but but i miss usss ! how we used to jog every morning , walk to school every morning , plays soccer every school holidayy , play basketball on the weekends . and more laah .. :(
having u moving ..that totally turn me dowwnnnn ! like badlyy :'(

Mellyy ♥

heeyy peepss :)
these pictures was taken ageessssss ago -.- just cant be bother uploading em' 
hahah , soo this is one of my best friends .. i've known her for from primary school .  4 years we've known each other .. we were in the same class from grade 5 till now in year 7 , and know she knows what i'm like and i know what she's like ;D

loverrr youu ! haha bestfrienddd till thee endd broo  ahahah

p.s   i'll make another post for my other two best friends when i hve time . cyeahh !
p.p.s *to Domoookun* .. u're the awsommest domo i've ever haddd ! ! i lovee my domo 


Sunday, 6 March 2011


heey readerss . today was oriteeeee --'
anywayss , nk ciitee pasal bende pelik yg aq buat lately nih . gaaahh
since kak farhana ngan kak wadidi balik malaysia nih kan kan .. hari2 rasa sunyi jerrr , then kekadang setiap hari balik from school or weekend jer masuk bilik dok ....... menangis . haha ade masaalah ngan kawan or teringat kan someone or something jer , menangis ,,. rinduuu orang jer , menangiss . haha the frk ? dulu takde pulak cam nihh =.='
omggg , akk farhana , akk wadidi ,  doomooo ! >< sye , kite , leena rinduuu korangg ! lgi 5 bulan nak balik dahh happy but sad at the same timee :|

ouhhh andd btww , aku bukan emo ehh :P moodswings laah ! moodswingss ! ><

grrrr . hisssh , adessss tomorroww is mondaaaaaay ! yeayyyy ! !!!*  u noe i was being sarcastic rite * :P ahah

okelaaah , im going to finish my unfinish homeworks >< hoho

ouh andddd , thankss for readingg . hehe

toodless loveliess / cutie pies / handsome domo  

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st of March 2011 -.-

zzzZZ .

Heey everyonee , okeoke . based on the title ... obviously its the date of todaay . Justin Bieber's birthdaaay eh ? ouuuh ,  macam aq kesahhhhh -..- like i careeee .

eeeeik , today sucks for some reasonssss 0.0 hisssh .. note to y**ika : please dont go look for trouble and said i didnt help you cause i dont want to get involve in your stupidity behaviour >< its annoyinggggg ! and u said it was all a joke when u had that ''im serious'' face on -.- theen u started to ignore me for just not helping you get your pencil case back from the boysss ? like wat the eff maaan . u started the probleem . eeeeeissh ! what ever you want to do i dont care anymore , go do what ever you want -_-

okey okey , change subject ! change subject ! >< gegege

mmm , *thinking* ... ouh yeaaaa ! yesterday i got a message frommm ... lebara -..- .. this annoys mee ! but not this timmeee , causeeee i get to call from here to malaysia for FREE till 31/3/2011 !! ehehehe ^__^
after i got home from school today , i talked to kak farhana for like .. an hourr ! hehe imissyoukak
eventhough i was jealouss ... ahaha just a bitt but im happy for you at the same timee . wehehehe 

before school finishes i got sport . omygod sooo tired and my hand hurts but i still have the guts to update my blog . ngeee . anywayssss ! overall , today was like a-cat-falling-from-the-tree-broke-its-legss kind of day ahaha not fun ! except the talking to kak farhana part . cause that part was like da bestt ! hahah

location : Frankston Beach (: