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Rising up!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hey :) 
wooohh , its been a long time since i've updated my blog :/ ehehe.
sorry guyssss.
I was trying to update my blog every now and then but.. ehh , cant seem to find the right time. ahah
but i'll try from now to update my blog regurlarly aite ;) anywaysss,
these past 10 months in Malaysia was ''alrighttt'' i guess :)
done with my PMR exam and the results are coming out tomorrow! wish me luck :') 

meet my new friend , farra :)
we used to be so closeee . i miss the old you!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Awhsome Dayy *angkat2 kening* ;)

Hai evrybuddeh :)

today waz awehsomeee. tehee bestt . 
me , kak insyirah , syifa , syafiah , izzati , kak farah , nurul , and dina went walking around Clayton and caught the train to Springvale. ngehngeh  
we ate roti boy when we were at Springvale . dah lamaaa gilaaa kot tak makan roti tuu . sedapppp ^^
nak dekat nak balik ni laa baru tau yg kat situu ada roti boy T_T grr

then after we eat . we walked around and then we caught a train to Westall . pegi rumah syifa and syafiah :)
cause her mum is not home yet , we decided to go to  this park near their house . we made up dance moves and was planning on making a music video of 'ding dong' . leena pon tak tau lagu tu sangat but pernah dengar . ahahhaha macam parodyy jerr tengok :D  semua macam hyper tiba2 ;D mwahahaha

then dah penat , we went to syifa's and syafia's house . thenn we played Truth Or Dare ;D hehe
kalau nak list semua dare yang semua org dapat memang tak boleh . sebab dah lupaaaaa . ingat tu ingat la sikit but banyak kott . malasss nk type. eheh

this is one of the dare to izzati and syafiah 
a scene of "a couple going shopping , but the guy have no money to pay for the girl's stuff"
ahahhaha its so hilarious dengan gaya dorang act dlm scene ni. kitaorang gelak sampai guling guling kot. haha 

izzati : babyyy boyyyy... baby girl nak ni! nak ni!
syafiah : alaa baby girl.. nak kena pegi tandas laa . jom gi tandasss .
us : *gelak smpai guling2* ahahaha

dh besar korang boleh jdi actor ;D tehee 
nasib baik bukan tengah makan , kalau tak dah lama tercekik. hehe

and again .. Today is awesomeeee! hehe

okey bye ;D