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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

update.. ;)

kan dah lama x update an,,
sooo..i've edited some of my old picss..
to whoever dat have added me on fb,,just to let u la kan,because i've run out of ideas to wat to type..ahhahahaaa =D
i can only on my fb maximum for only 1 hourr..
aduss!,,xpe laa.
sbb x leh nk on fb lame2 kan..my new habit is..editing photos from the past that i've taken
agesssss ago n hopefully "reading" dats wat my mum told me to instead of on9 fb jer.. so pleasex3 comment my pics.. :D

this picture is taken during my grade 6 graduation at Dandenong North Primary School... :))
my graduation mugg :)
miss my old hair,,it looks better in dis pic compare to now (now it looks curly,urgghh!well not really2 curly)..huhuuuu
me n farhana kt Geelong,,on christmas day..so every transports is free,,so apelagi! jalan2 laa :D

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