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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mellyy ♥

heeyy peepss :)
these pictures was taken ageessssss ago -.- just cant be bother uploading em' 
hahah , soo this is one of my best friends .. i've known her for from primary school .  4 years we've known each other .. we were in the same class from grade 5 till now in year 7 , and know she knows what i'm like and i know what she's like ;D

loverrr youu ! haha bestfrienddd till thee endd broo  ahahah

p.s   i'll make another post for my other two best friends when i hve time . cyeahh !
p.p.s *to Domoookun* .. u're the awsommest domo i've ever haddd ! ! i lovee my domo 


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