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Monday, 12 September 2011

Last Raya in Melbourneee ! :(

heyyo mayoo peeps ! 
sorry for the late post about Eid , i just dont feel like doing anything this week except going on facebook and talking to himm . hikhik *gelakgedik :P  haha

anywayyy , this raya is my lasttt rayaa in Melbourne.. lepas ni tak tahu laa boleh raya sini lagi or tak. 
im planning on coming here again as an exchange student when i get older. heheh

These are some of the pics of raya :

*muka mintak penyepak -.-

Rayyann and Raihhan is soo sweet , oh and they're TWINS :)
ayah dia nampak mcm familiar je kan ? ;)
ha ce teka ce teka :D

 ni time mlm raya . haha :)

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