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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Things That You Should Do Before Reaching 20!

Hi everyone! Tips for today is some of the things that you should do before reaching 20 or what you should've done when you were 20. 

  •  Respect your need for sleep by getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day

Cutting out sleep to have more fun or get more work done is a short sighted strategy. While you can pull off this strategy in your 20s to a degree, it is a destructive habit to form.
Being tired all day means that you will be able to make effective use of your time, no matter how organized you are. So make it a habit of getting those legitimate seven to eight hours each night.

  •  Do a weekly review of the past 7 days

To get started with a weekly review, go through the following steps:
– First, review your calendar for the past week and the current week – look for loose ends, meetings and other matters that need further attention.
– Second, review your email inbox (personal and company email accounts) and achieve inbox zero.
– Third, review your goals for the year and make plans to work on them in the coming week.

This practice will help you to better plan your schedule and avoid nasty surprises.

  • Plan to achieve four hours of real work per day

Did you know that project managers often assume people will be less than 100% productive per day? It’s true! You may have a standard eight hour work day but the reality is that only half of that day is likely to be highly productive.
The rest of the day will be taken up with meetings, responding to email, browsing the Internet and related activities.
Tip: Schedule your most important, high value tasks in the morning, before you get tired.

  • Focus on a single task at a time (i.e. no multitasking!)

Multitasking is a wasteful way to work. Instead, you will achieve more if you choose one activity at a time. For example, allocate one hour in the morning to work on a proposal for a client, then give yourself a short break.

  • Separate strategic and “brain dead” tasks

High value strategic tasks are what companies and clients pay for – coming up with new product ideas, ways to reduce cost and other improvements. However, it is difficult to deliver creative insights all day long.
When the last hour of the day arrives and you’re tired, work through “brain dead” tasks like installing security updates or tossing out old papers.

These are some the things that I personally recommend to you guys in order to have a healthy and not-so-stressed lifestyle. Hope you enjoyed reading, Till' next time! 

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